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  How do you make your event special?

When you book a performer for an event, you have to be sure that you receive a performance. Many magicians will mingle with crowds, but Lee’s performances are different. Flamboyant in style and astounding in impact, he weaves a spell of enchantment throughout a party. Lee is booked again and again at the same venues because when he works at an event, you really know that he’s there! Instead of polite clapping, you have tables of people cheering for more. During reception drinks, you can hear the laughter and see the wide-open stares of amazement that mark where Lee has performed. Lee takes huge pride in ensuring that every guest really enjoys your event and remembers it!

  Lee is most often booked for the following types of entertainment:

Close-Up Magic
This is a wonderful form of entertainment for banquets, weddings and receptions. Lee sets the room alight as he astounds guests with fantastic magic that happens in their hands. Cutlery bends, rings vanish and cards float! Laughter and cheering always follow him around a room. Lee’s Close-Up Magic helps guests to relax and enjoy themselves and ensures that your event stands out!

Lee’s deliciously cheeky style of mind-reading is always a hit. Lee reads his audience’s mind, helps people read each others’ minds, demonstrates incredible feats of memory and takes his audience on an amazing journey through the wonders of the human brain. Lee’s Mind-Reading performance can run from 20 minutes to an hour. People talk about it for years!

Stand-Up Magic
Lee presents an exciting and enchanting show drawing his audience into the bewitching world of the sleight-of-hand magician. Expect stunning magic and plenty of audience participation in this remarkable show. Performances can run from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

Magical Compere/Host
Lee is often asked to host an entire evening. He meets everyone while performing Close-Up Magic and is then able to guide the evening – announcing guests, introducing speeches, presenting awards and running auctions. Don’t leave the success of your event to chance – use a professional performer!

Corporate Magic
Lee often performs at corporate parties and product launches, but due to the pressure of other work, he is unable to perform at trade shows and exhibitions. However, if you have a particularly interesting idea that needs magic, contact Lee to discuss how he can help.

Of course, all of the above forms of magic can be combined and tailored to suit particular events. For example Close-Up Magic alone is perfect for a banquet, whereas a mixture of Close-Up Magic and Mind-Reading  is often more suitable for a dinner party.

Call or email Lee for a no-obligation chat about your event.
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