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  Lee is an experienced and respected teacher of the psychology of magic, and is a superb trainer of groups in the corporate environment, as well as working one-to-one with students who wish to learn to perform magic.

Corporate Training

In the corporate world, Lee offers a two-day masterclass in the psychology that magicians and mind-readers use to ‘read’ people and affect what they are thinking. This is real world teaching that people actually use.

Any intelligent salesperson knows that following ‘rules’ won’t get sales, nor will ‘techniques’ like scratching your nose at the same time as someone else!

Created mainly for those in sales, the course is best for driven, intelligent salespeople who wish to understand every aspect of their vocation. The work that we cover is more practical than things like ‘NLP’ and less rule-based than typical sales training. There is nothing typical about this course!

The aims of the two days are the following:

  • To understand, and use, the skills that magicians and mind-readers use to gain people’s trust within seconds, and to steer people’s thinking in useful ways. These skills are crucial in the corporate world and can be learnt.

  • Lie-detecting. This is a wonderfully useful technique. The ability to tell instantly if a buyer or client is hiding something or uncomfortable with what they’re saying is dynamite to a salesperson. It enables you to deal with problems there and then.

  • Status. The way that we relate to others can help or hinder us. ‘Status’ is a radically new concept in the corporate world and unique to this course. We look in detail at why we feel comfortable with some people and not with others, and we learn the skill of understanding these reactions so that we can dynamically change the ‘status’ between salesperson and buyer.

  • Cold-reading. This is the technique that ‘psychics’ and tarot-readers etc use to convince you that they know specific details about you and your past. Actually, it is an incredibly clever and subtle way of extracting information, radically more interesting than the sort of open/closed questioning techniques used in traditional sales training. Its importance to the word of sales is only just beginning to be realised, and those that have learnt it are ahead of the game!

Please note that this course is entirely practical and is structured around Lee’s core teaching philosophy ‘It should be easier to remember what you’ve learnt than to forget it’.

The work is centred around practical, stimulating exercises that allow delegates to experience how they affect others. There are no embarrassing ‘acting’ games and everyone feels involved at all times.

This course is not about manipulating other people or bullying them to ‘get what you want’. It is about being more aware of what we do and say and how to use that awareness to create long, trusting and satisfying relationships with clients.

Remember – this is real world work, taught by an expert in the field who uses these skills all of the time.

The course consistently receives 10/10 feedback and is both great fun and immediately useful.

Recent clients include the entire sales team of AXA PPP Healthcare and Logitech.
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